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Daily Schedule

Mrs. Andrews’ Schedule  

7:55-8:15   Morning routines (Pledge, Moment of Silence, Enrichment Activity)

8:15-8:40   Calendar/Math Talk

8:40-9:20   Core Reading  (Wednesday-P.E)  (Thursday-Science Lab)

9:20-9:30    Read Aloud/Vocabulary    (Friday-ART-9:20-10:00)

9:30-9:45    Extra Activity and Movement Time  (Friday-10:00-10:15)

9:45-10:00   Phonics

10:00-10:35  Writing  (Wednesday and Friday-2:00-2:55)

10:35-11:35  Guided Reading and Literacy Corners

11:35-12:05  Lunch  12:05-12:35  Recess

12:35-2:00   Math

2:00-2:40     Monday-Chrome Lab, Tuesday-Library, Thursday-Music

2:40-2:55     Read Aloud/Vocabulary

2:55-Car Riders    3:00-Bus Riders

Jeannie Andrews

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