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Cindy Bever

laughmath Welcome to Fairview Elementary School.  

Helping build your child’s Mathematical Mind


Math should not be stressful or hard.  We want to make math fun and easy for your child.  

Counting is a foundational understanding for all that your child will be doing in mathematics. We want to encourage you to play games that help build your child’s ability to COUNT. 

Counting is more than just repeating the series of numbers.  All of math is built on the structure and the patterns within the counting sequence.  So, help your child notice the repetition of the 0-9 in the numbers.  Here are stages children go through while learning to count:

  • Child knows some number words, but does not say them in the correct order
  • Child starts at 1 (or zero) when counting, but says it as a string of words and may not hear them as separate words
  • Childs starts at 1 (or zero) and understands they are separate words.  Can count up to 10, then learns to count up to 20.  Children also start to count backwards from 10 and 20.
  • Child can start from any number when counting.  For example, ask your child “Can you start counting from 7?”
  • Child can skip count with understanding.  For example, when counting by 2’s they don’t just have the sequence of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 memorized, instead the child understands that they skip a number.

We will be working on counting throughout the school year, but I wanted to send home some fun and easy things you can do with your child so that they see math, and counting, outside of school.

  1. Count EVERYTHING and NOTHING.  Have your child count collections of items, but also just have them count with counting items.  For example, ask them to count to the highest number they can.
  2. Start counting at random numbers.  For example, ask your child to count by ones, but start at 7.  The can be used when playing Hide & Seek.  Don’t just have them count to 20.  Instead you could have them start at and count to 27 before then come find you.
  3. Here are some great apps that can help build your child’s counting abilities:
  1. Tally Tots Counting
  2. Line em Up
  3. Math Adventures Number Find Lite

Cindy Bever

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